Dionysis Diamantopoulos

Bunker Trader
/ Piraeus

Since 2019

Dionysis Diamantopoulos

Learning through experience

Refer to an event you consider a milestone for your development in BMS United.

There are two key milestones that contributed to my development in BMS. Firstly, when I successfully executed my first bunker order, and secondly when I started purchasing together with my colleague Jenny for Malta. Being a purchaser has taught me a lot regarding pricing, negotiations, market fluctuation and supplier behaviour, helping me understand this very important part of our business. There is of course much more to learn.

What was your biggest challenge on the job and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was to multitask efficiently and learn to act prudently and quickly under pressure. By amassing knowledge via senior traders, our training development programme and experience on the job, I started getting better in both multitasking and in managing pressure, gradually and continuously improving my efficiency.

What’s the most exciting thing about working at BMS United?

Working in BMS United provides a fertile ground for any aspiring bunker trader to grow and become an all-around professional. The most exciting thing is that I get the chance to work beside people who know the industry upside-down and inside-out with hundreds of years of cumulative experience, so I get to learn things every day. I’m also always confident that my team can assist me in any challenges that might arise.
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