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Risk Management

Risk Management


BMS United helps you take control of your fuel costs and manage the risk of fluctuating fuel prices through tailored hedging solutions. Our set of hedging tools will let you cap or fix fuel prices so that your profits are not exposed. Our risk management experts help our clients choose the ideal fuel hedging tools so that their margins are not exposed, and their fuel oil budget remains intact.


  • Fix your oil prices at a set level, irrespective of future market fluctuations

Caps (or Call Options)

  • Protect yourself from rising prices and benefit from falling prices

Zero Cost Collar

  • Keep your oil prices within an agreed price range

We can help you stabilise cash flows and reduce volatility in earnings by developing a fuel price risk plan to minimise risk exposure considerably. This involves identifying the specific elements and variables that affect fuel risk management to create a risk management strategy that matches your financial objectives. The result is a risk management solution that offers a flat structure, facilitating decision making and reducing financial exposure.

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