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Bunkering has been our core business for over three decades. We strive for excellence in the level of service we provide to each of our customers – a formula, which has allowed us to evolve from one of the pioneering bunker trading houses in Greece to one of the largest trading houses worldwide. Today, we are delivering added value to our customers’ operations by supplying marine fuels and lubricants in practically all commercial ports, anchorages and offshore locations at competitive rates and at attractive terms.

Our uninterrupted round-the-clock after sales service ensures that our clients receive timely updates for every bunkering operation and immediate attention in case of a dispute. BMS United also provides recommendations and support 24/7 on issues related to fuel and lubricant procurement such as new regulations, legislation, claims on quantity and quality, and even third-party claim handling.

Traded Volume
Half a million+ monthly traded volume worldwide
2000+ ports worldwide
Dedicated Traders
Argentinian, Asian, Brazilian, Greek, Russian and Turkish markets

In 2019 we established a new partnership with the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) in order to stand by our clients and provide expert advice in times of uncertainty surrounding IMO 2020 regulations, a move that has also positioned us as trusted advisors to the maritime industry. As we look towards the future, we are confident that regardless of financial, regulatory, geopolitical, climatic and other challenges which the shipping industry may face, BMS United will continuously aim to be the number one partner to our loyal clients.

Our traders welcome the opportunity to show you how you can benefit from BMS United’s global network and our international maritime solutions.

Get the last updates on fuel availability and oil market insights.

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