Sila Bacak

Bunker Trader
/ Piraeus

Since 2018

Sila Bacak

Part of family

How long have you worked at BMS United?

I am working at BMS United for almost four years.

Refer to an event you consider a milestone for your career/development in BMS United.

In our industry, many variables can change the work of the day. I had a delivery at Cameroon port, Douala, for the first time in Africa. Due to operational difficulties, the vessel was delayed to berth and couldn’t get supply. My customer was very frustrated because the vessel didn’t have enough bunkers on board, and she could not sail. Having made several attempts to find a solution, I finally arranged trucks and delivered them to the vessel, which was unexpected. As a result, my customer and the physical supplier were very satisfied. Through this event, I was strengthened and prepared for any incidents that could happen daily.

What was your biggest challenge on the job, and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge on the job was managing time and organizing my daily work simultaneously. By working daily, I gained the experience to overcome any challenge I might face. In addition to that, my colleagues were always happy to assist me in any difficult situation.

What’s the most exciting thing about working at BMS United?

I am inspired and motivated to walk the extra mile after gaining intensive knowledge of the bunker industry from a highly experienced and well-educated team. From the beginning of my journey, I could see my future self as part of the BMS United family.

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